It goes without saying that the Rose of Tralee is all about being on your best behaviour, showing the best facets of your personality and generally doing your best to charm everyone in your presence.

So the last thing you might expect to see, then, is a bare arse staring back at you.

No, (unfortunately) it wasn't one of the Roses going badly off-script. However, eagle-eyed viewers spotted a cheeky group of lads who somehow managed to get their mate's bum on the telly.

Viewers were encouraged to send in/tag photos of themselves enjoying the show. This trio of Irish dancers sent in a picture of themselves with the World Irish Dancing trophy - but whoever selected it to show on TV during the programme clearly didn't see the full moon at 11 o'clock:

Needless to say, it was the highlight of the whole event for some people.

Hopefully no one in RTÉ is fired for literally making an arse of things.