It's not often that Piers Morgan gets out-smarmed when sharing TV time with someone (Simon Cowell being a notable exception), but Ronan Keating reportedly manages to do that on tonight's edition of Piers Morgan's Life Stories.

From 9.00pm this evening on UTV, you can expect to hear Ronan say such things as: "I had spent so long trying to be the perfect husband… I woke up and decided I didn't want it."

Before you all start jumping down his perfect throat, he did have this to add: "I was wrong. I made a choice and, because of that choice, there were devastating effects in people's lives." You were also clearly bored. Affairs happen for three reasons: boredom, complacency, and boredom.

Some people have the gumption to try inject a spark into their current situation (and - if something doesn’t reignite sharpish you then re-evaluate your circumstances), while other lazy and cowardly sorts just get their jollies on the sly.

Speaking of the circumstances of his affair with a blonde backing dancer, he added: "We were on tour, and when you're in the circle it’s a bubble. It's not real."

Fortunately for Ronan, his reality now includes dating a 31-year-old blonde from Australia called Storm. Unfortunately, it also includes shocking album sales.

A Ronan Keating fan? He's playing Belfast's Waterfront venue on February 12th. He'll be supported by "special guest" Brian McFadden...