Way back in 1996, before 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' made it to air, a TV movie was made to serve as a pilot. In that pilot was of course Melissa Joan Hart. But starring as the high school heartthrob Seth was the one and only Ryan Reynolds.

Before he got Blake, buff, and became interchangeable with Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds was a '90s teen dream. Just look at those mid-90s boy band curls pictured above.

Reynolds never made it onto the actual show Sabrina though (possibly a blessing in disguise), as only Hart and one other actor were brought into the TV version.

The series would change how late 90s-early 00s kids felt about witches, family secrets and mitosis . But since then, the latest rendition of the Archie comic is Netflix series 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' - which is completely different from the cheesy 90s version many know.

It just goes to show how everything changes, but also stays the same, eh?

In the clip below, Seth is being a real jerk to Sabrina (he's no Harvey, after all). Clearly the role hasn't done Reynolds' career any harm in any case.

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