We're torn between not caring at all that we can watch Fade Street again from the beginning on the RTE Player to wanting to have a load of people over to watch every episode and enjoy the glorious cringe-fest of it all.

Back in 2010, it was the reality show we all loved to hate - and loved to love - look, it was a funny time. It followed the trials and tribulations of 20-something girls living in an apartment on Fade Street, with Vogue Williams probably the most familiar face from it now.

The show sees Vogue embarking on a career as an actress, no less, while her mate Louise tries to get to grips with an internship with Stellar magazine and there's another girl called Dani who brings guaranteed drama with everything from love triangles to life on the breadline.

There's also ‘before they were famous’ (we use that term loosely) appearances from Dillon St. Paul (The Apprentice), Joanne McNally (Republic of Telly) and Mary Murray (Love/Hate).

Watch it all by clicking here while you can also have a reminder of the Fade Street glory days below.

Oh and if you want to know where they all are now, head here.