Get ready for a flood of pure nostalgia to smack you in the face.

We're just seen our first glimpse of the 'Reeling in the Years' 2010's edition, and we cannot believe how much can happen within a decade.

For such a small island, a lot has changed. In the promotional video for the upcoming series' return, we see the arrival of Barack Obama; we hear The Queen say the beginning of her speech as gaeilge; we see Katie Taylor return home with a gold from the Olympics in London; Michael D. Higggins becoming the Irish president; Teresa Mannion and her "unnecessary journeys" monologue; and the monumental day that Ireland voted to pass the same-sex marriage referendum.

We won't waste any more of your time, so here's the promo for you, which will be rolled out across RTÉ TV channels from today. We're not crying, you are!

The new series of 'Reeling in the Years' begins next Sunday, April 11 at 8.30 pm on RTÉ One.