It's been on the lips of everyone across the country this year - "Will 30 minutes be enough time for the 'Reeling In The Years' 2020 edition?" - well dear reader, that episode is a long off way thankfully.

However, we do have another decade of memory lane to walk down in the future, with the arrival of the 'Reeling In The Years' 2010s edition set to light up our screens in the near future. Unfortunately however, we won't be getting the new series in 2020.

Discussing the development process on Ryan Tubridy's RTE Radio 1 show earlier today, producer John O'Regan said that its "going to be a while" before viewers will be able to relive the decade that has just passed.

He told Tubridy that due to the restrictions involved in working from home at the moment, the follow-up series has only just began its production process now. He explained: "It's not supposed to be on the air until next year and we're just starting the production process now.

"We've had our own internal COVID delays and disruption - like many places - in RTÉ. We're gathering footage. I sit in my back bedroom, working from home. I'm afraid to count how many hours. There may be several hundred hours of it and I'm just going through it and a long list of stories for every year.

"The programmes don't exist so they won't go out for several months. They can't. It would be next year would be the plan."

Well 2021 was always going to be our year anyway, right?

For those who are in need of another dose of 'Reeling In The Years', episodes of the series have been uploaded to YouTube, or you can head over to the RTE archives which features a range of news and entertainment stories, as well as historic events that happened around the country over the past 100 or so years.