... Because it was really popular and not a massive waste of ITV's money last time? Well, Ant and Dec have to earn their £10million a year pay cheque some how I suppose. 

This time around, however, there will be some changes. Firstly, it won't be a live nightly affair, instead they've opted for a weekly pre-record. Oh and the oversized roulette wheel has also been given the axe after the Gambling Commission announced that it "glamourised gambling".

Digital Spy reports: "A new game, dubbed 'The Vortex', will replace the wheel, which sees contestants predicting how long a ball will drop down a 'mini velodrome'. A source said: 'We had planned a game where people have to get the ball into a red or black hole. It would have been like a pinball board, where how hard you send the ball running and when you flick the ball determines where you end up... It will still be as tense as the roulette wheel - it could even be more exciting as the ball will hang around for longer."

Can't wait. 

 Red or Black? will return on Saturday nights before The X Factor in the autumn on ITV1, AKA your portal for Simon Cowell's deluge of high brow viewing.