Ohhhh this looks like it'll be very, very interesting.

Tonight's the night, and no-one knows who is going to be safe. 'Love Island' has another recoupling on the cards, and one of the girls in the villa is going to get the boot.

As you can see from the first look at tonight's show, all of the boys go down the line to choose their match - leaving Luke M until the very last. His head has been split over the past few days, due to Shaughna saying she has feelings for him - but who will he choose? Demi or Shaughna?

Before the drama goes down, however, it is Valentine's Day after all and the islanders get the chance to take part in a new challenge called Valentine's Bae.

Love Island Valentine's DayTemperatures are soaring on 'Love Island' tonight for Valentine's Day

With one of their hands tied to their partner, the couples must try and keep a romantic meal for two in one piece, as they take on the romance-inspired assault course.

One of the boys has described as "Bambi on ice", so it seems not everyone finds the challenge a walk in the park.

Be sure to catch all of the antics and heartbreak when 'Love Island' continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One.