Things began to kick off on last night's show, but one moment dominated proceedings - for all the right reasons.

And no, it wasn't Shaughna grabbing Luke M for a chat. Nor was it Mike and Priscilla's DMC following the News Splash game in the previous show.

The best moment of the show was... Demi falling flat on her face. And not managing to spill a single drop of her drink. Groundbreaking.

Here's how Twitter reacted to the hilarious moment.

Voiceover man Iain Sterling was right in there with a quick "marry her immediately".

We'd all like to claim we did this on night's out, but we all know that's not true.


When you sneak a cheeky drink into the taxi...

New decade, new TV highlight.

Lest we forget Molly Mae's fall from last year.

*Cat noise*

Too late.

Woman down.

Little did we know how much we could laugh at such a simple thing.

In other 'Love Island' news, there's a recoupling on the cards in tonight's show.

With one of the girls getting the boot, be sure to tune in when it returns at 9pm on Virgin Media One.