To clarify, they're not bringing back Psychoville, what with it disappearing up its own rectum before it killed off most of its characters, instead they're creating a new slice of horror for the BBC. Which is both exciting and a bit upsetting, 'cause I'm still waiting for Tubbs and Edward to get their own show.

With a working title of Happy Endings, they're cobbling together a six part series comprising of "funny and terrifying standalone half-hour films." Given the best episode of Psychoville was based on Hitchcock's Rope, and contained one single camera shot throughout, this does bode well. In case you have trouble recalling the episode, it featured David 'I did a bad muhduh' and his lovely mother Maureen, and a dead body stuffed inside a chest.

Head of the BBC's comedy department, Mark Freeland, said: "We love Reece and Steve, why wouldn’t we do their next two projects? If I was Sky, I would have gone after them. To know we’ve got their next two shows makes my job easier." I thought we were getting six shows? They must mean series.

Below, Reece and Steve talk about how the Rope inspired episode was made. With a rake load of dolly wheels it would seem.