To be honest, we are not sure if any of those Casa Amor bucks are good enough for our Maura. We think her Prince Charming has yet to arrive. How and ever, she will likely pick one boy to head back to the main villa with in the upcoming recoupling.

There have been a few shifts with Dennon and it looked like they were hitting it off. However, Maura confessed in the Beach Hut last night that she struggles to get a word in edgeways with him. This will not do at all. Maura needs a fella that will let her shine!

She then made her way over to Marvin, who we have had very little screen time with so far, but actually seems like a bit of a gent. The first thing he asked Maura about was her family, with our Longford lady admitting that her mammy would be telling her to go for him.

Afterwards, Maura said that while she liked that Marvin asked more questions about her, she still had a great laugh with Dennon.

It's a dilly of a pickle altogether.

Who do you think she will choose?

And yes, we have put the other Casa Amor boys in this poll too because this is 'Love Island' and you just never know.

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