In the 17 days that she's been in the 'Love Island' villa, it's safe to say that Maura Higgins has made quite an impression.

In recent weeks, author Caitlyn Moran has called her "the most incredible woman reality TV has ever seen" and now another famous name has joined the fan club.

It seems that 'Girls' creator and actress Lena Dunham is a fan of the Longford woman, too. Last night, she tweeted that she was on 'Team Maura'. "Like Maura, I want a partner who can match me, not a coward who thinks I’m OTT, cringey and an attention seeker," she said.

So basically, we need to see Maura in Lena Dunham's next project, whatever that may be.

Of course, the majority of the general public are also fully supportive of the Ballymahon woman, especially after she confronted Tom for talking behind her back last night.

See below for a selection of tweets from both last night and the last few weeks... Maura, we stan, as the kidz would say.