After a fairly humdrum few days in the 'Love Island' villa, there was drama a-plenty in last night's episode.

Much of it was concerning Yewande and the saga she appears to be caught in with Danny and Arabella (don't mention the 'triangle' word, you'll scare Tommy.)

However, the biggest bombshell concerned the other Irish gal in the villa, Maura from Longford.

After spending the episode getting to know Tom better after he'd lobbed the gob on her - and being pretty impressed by his newfound confidence, all told - she was given the choice of inviting an islander into the Hideaway for the evening.

Obviously she chose Tom - but it's when she went to pull him aside for a moment that all the drama began.

Discussing the potential for some action with Maura with the boys (who seemed to embarrassingly revert to their horny teenage selves), he loudly said within earshot of Maura 'Let's see if she's all mouth'.

Of course, she pulled him up on it immediately and inspired women everywhere to stand up and applaud their TVs.

It was such a crass, arrogant and misogynistic move on Tom's part that we're half thinking that the whole thing was staged....

Either way, can we just wrap 'Love Island' up and give all the cash to Maura now?