There are awkward TV interviews, and then there are awkward TV interviews when Piers Morgan is involved.

The Good Morning Britain host and his co-host Susanna Reid had former Wham! star Andrew Ridgeley on the show yesterday morning to discuss a new charity venture that Ridgeley is involved in, Lawrence Dallaglio’s Cycle Slam.

However, when Morgan's line of questioning veered away from the cycle and into his former days as a pop star, Ridgeley got noticeably annoyed.

When asked how he had dealt with his friend and former bandmate George Michael's death, he said "The loss of a great friend is traumatic, and emotionally tough - almost as emotionally tough as the Dallaglio Cycle Slam".

Morgan prodded: "You really don't like talking about the past, do you?" to which Ridgeley replied "Well, I wasn't sure that was why I was here today, to be honest", while Reid tried to keep things civil.


Their tete-a-tete didn't end there, either; later, Morgan took to Twitter to call Ridgeley an "insufferable dick" and his behaviour "pathetic":


Ridgeley, to his credit, didn't take the bait and simply thanked the GMB team for having him - but left Morgan out of his Instagram caption:


Can't we all just get along, fellas?