He may be one of our most successful acting exports, but it's safe to say that Pierce Brosnan would never have made it as a singer.

You'll be aware of this, of course, if you've seen the first 'Mamma Mia!' film, in which the Navan-born actor's painful renditions of songs like 'S.O.S.' were downright... painful.

And you're not alone; as it turns out, some famous canines share the general public's disdain for Brosnan's vocal talents, too.

As he revealed on Jimmy Fallon last night, when he showed the film to his friend Barbra Streisand at her house, her dogs didn't take too kindly to his performance: 

In the same interview, Brosnan also revealed his hidden talent as an painter and that he had sold a painting for a million dollars:

Well, if he decides to retire from acting he has at least one other creative outlet to fall back on.