For our money, Hank Schrader was one of the best supporting characters in recent television history.

Dean Norris' nuanced, detailed performance as the bullish DEA Agent who (spoilers if you haven't seen Breaking Bad, but come on like) discovers a meth-making warlord living under his nose was one of the highlights of Breaking Bad. Although Bob Odenkirk, who plays Jimmy McGill on the spinoff, Better Call Saul, is keen to stress the series is its own thing, it sure does have a lot of common occurrences with the original.

For one thing, it's been pretty well rumoured that Aaron Paul - better known as Jessie Pinkman - has filmed scenes for Better Call Saul whilst Bryan Cranston has said he's open to the idea, if it works in the context of the story. Already, this season alone, we've seen Hector Salamanca turn up for a couple of episodes and now, we can confirm another Breaking Bad alum returning to our screens.


Hank Schrader and Gomie, back together again. All we need now is Robert Forster turning up for a few scenes and we're ready to get Better Call Saul on the road. It's not exactly know if Hank and Gomie are shooting for the third season or if it's for the current season. Obviously, this season is closing in on its finale so we're guessing Hank will at least be referenced somehow before then.

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