At this stage, it feels like we have been waiting to find out who killed Lucy Beale since the beginning of time, but finally we can say it's only a matter of weeks away. EastEnders are milking it for all its worth too, what with trailers galore, and now a brand new poster, featuring all the suspects and Lucy Beale's accusing eyes.

The suspects listed below are Pam Coker, Lee Carter, Cindy Williams, Max Branning, Denise Fox, Ian Beale, Peter Beale, Abi Branning, Jane Beale, Ben Mitchell, Whitney, Les Coker and Jay Mitchell.

But no Lauren 'ey? That's okay, it was probably her sister anyways!

Viewers will find out who killed Lucy Beale in a live episode in the week of the thirtieth anniversary on February 19th.

Who killed Lucy Beale? It's our top 5 suspects, innit