Amazon's Lord Of The Rings is shaping up to become the most expensive television series ever mounted and with a reported billion-dollar pricetag attached to it, there's obviously some major names being floated as showrunners, directors and stars.

Ian McKellen has previously said that he's more than happy to return as Gandalf and it now appears that he isn't the only person from the original adaptation who's looking to go back to Middle-Earth. is reporting that a wide number of directors have been approached to take on Lord Of The Rings and that Peter Jackson "is of course on the list."

There's still no word yet on precisely what the series will be about, whether it'll follow The Silmarillion or if it will simply come up with brand-new stories set in the world of Middle-Earth, but having Peter Jackson is definitely a positive sign of their intent and what they're hoping to achieve with it.

Jackson was previously linked with another TV series - namely, Doctor Who - however despite years of rumours, the director has yet to helm an episode of the long-running BBC series.