Ever get the feeling you've been duped?

You may have felt it stronger than ever before if you were watching 'Love Island' last night, when Joe and Lucie were one of the first couples to be split up after Joe was voted out by the public. Anton and Elma were also split up after Elma was voted off.

Earlier in the evening, Joe had taken Lucie aside to apologise for his earlier behaviour, for not trusting her regarding Tommy, and expressing just how much he had fallen for her. Coincidence? Nah. We're being played like a fiddle by producers, folks. It also makes us wonder just how much editing went into earlier episodes portraying him as the possessive, controlling boyfriend.

According to reports, Joe is being kept in a 'safehouse' to prepare him for the public reaction after being accused of 'gaslighting' Lucie. The producers have a lot to answer for.

In any case, Lucie was seriously upset after Joe was dumped and it looks like we may find out tonight whether she decides to stay without him or also leave.

And considering Amy's reaction to their split, it looks like we haven't seen the last of her ridiculous feud with Lucie, either.

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