The upcoming season six finale will serve as a jumping off point for the upcoming film within the franchise.

Are you ready for 'Peaky Blinders' to debut on your cinema screens after the finale of season six? Because all of the wheels are in motion for a spin-off franchise film based on the hit BBC crime/drama series.

According to series director Anthony Byrne, the Cillian Murphy-led series will end this April will an 81-minute long feature-length final episode.

Speaking with Radio Times, Byrne said: "It's such a 'Peaky' thing to do for the last hurrah. It's the 10:22 news for one night only."

According to the director, the season six finale will feel "very different" to everything that's come before. In essence, he's hoping that this final episode will serve as a set-up for the planned feature film.

He said: "It feels very, very different to the rest of the season. It feels very, very different to anything we've done before. It's very epic in scope. It feels like a film – it's a kind of dry run for the feature film."

With only two episodes left of the series, things are certainly heating up for what is hoping to be a memorable endgame to the crime drama. The latest episode saw the Shelby family mourn a loss with Cillian Murphy's Tommy plotting his revenge.

Details of who will be the main star of the feature film are still under wraps, but it's likely that the fallout of the 'Peaky Blinders' season six finale will make it clear which direction the franchise will be taking.

Steven Knight, the show's creator, previously told RadioTimes that the upcoming movie will begin shooting in 2023 and will serve as an: "Untold story that happened in the Second World War, which the Peakys are going to be involved in."

'Peaky Blinders' season six continues on BBC One every Sunday night, with the bumper season finale airing on April 3. The final season will be added to Netflix on June 10.