The Kildare native appears in 'Aftersun' and 'God's Creatures', which hit cinemas later this year.

Paul Mescal, the young man who put GAA shorts on the map to the rest of the world (and spawned a fashion trend that we'd only ever dreamed of happening) made his very first in-person late-night chat show appearance in the US over the weekend.

In case you missed it, Seth Myers invited the 'Normal People' and 'The Lost Daughter' actor in for a chat to promote his new film 'Aftersun', but the attention as soon turned to a few Irish-isms that would hopefully educate the Americans and anyone else watching about our nation.

Naturally, with his background in Gaelic football and those breathable Irish GAA shorts being the talk of the town during the height of lockdown 2020, Mescal was asked to describe the sport for those who "aren't up on the latest".

Not holding back, Mescal throws in enough adjectives to make anyone unfamiliar with the sport potentially want to turn off (or tune in), like "chaos", "brutal" and "spirited" before adding that rivalry is very much alive in the sport, depending on which town or county you're up against while playing. Irish people are never ones to hold grudges when it comes to sports...

After he switched from GAA to pursue his acting career, Paul Mescal famously secured the role of Connell in Sally Rooney's TV adaptation of 'Normal People' opposite Daisy Edgar-Jones. Both stars appeared in various Zoom interviews promoting the show during 2020, and so this Seth Myers appearance marks his very first in-person US chat show appearance ever. He jokes at the end of his interview with Seth that they're "kind of stressful" to be a part of.

Catch Paul Mescal in two upcoming feature films in cinemas - 'God's Creatures' and 'Aftersun'. Both will be released later this year.