Nope, not those fake Gucci ones this time.

The latest Paul Mescal photoshoot has sent Twitter into all sorts of commotion among fans of the Irish actor. In his most recent set of pictures, taken for GQ Magazine, Mescal sports that Connell chain from 'Normal People', some threads with some serious price tags, with his Kildare GAA shorts being the cherry on top.

In the full article, which you can read and have a look at over on the GQ website, Mescal or "Mescalmania" as they've termed it, has well and truly stayed strong for all of 2020. Discussing the subject of playing Gaelic football while growing up, Mescal said he "was definitely not the most skilled" at the sport; while talking about paparazzi he admits he finds "the whole thing a little bit toxic".

Sure we ourselves here at even had a go at breaking down why we think 2020 has been the year of the man from Kildare.

And so, without further ado, here is the picture that is brewing up one hell of a storm over on Twitter. Yep, that price tag really is $9,950.

And now, strap yourselves in for the reactions.

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