Following her stint on 'Love Island' last summer and her subsequent messy break-up with renowned player Adam Collard, Paige Thorne has opened up about life since becoming famous.

Paige Thorne had a pretty wild summer inside the villa on 'Love Island' 2022 — she fell for sportsman Jacques O'Neill who massively let her down in Casa Amor but she managed to turn things around when ex-islander and infamous "bad guy" Adam Collard showed up.

The two immediately clicked and romance sparked between them – to the shock of 'Love Island' fans and even seemingly those inside the villa, Collard stayed loyal to Paige until the end. That was until a couple of weeks ago when he was spotted cosying up to a young, blonde woman on a night out.

The pair have since split and Paige opened up on the 'Saving Grace' podcast yesterday sharing the details of the break-up which, according to her at least, are pretty messy.

She confirms that she's single and explains "it's been a really shit time". In reference to the viral video of Collard and the young woman, she says, "it's not just them videos, there are other videos".

She explains that the videos are from the same night and insinuates Collard as having similar interactions with "other girls". When podcast host Grace asks Paige "were there bedrooms involved?" Paige is quick to reply, "more like VIP toilets".

Paige explains her pain at having been exposed to the viral videos at the same time as the general public and then having had other people send her DMs with other seemingly incriminating videos.

She even shared that her mother, who met Collard in the villa and expressed her dislike for him, will be the litmus test for any future suitors. Eventually she teased that she is contact with Jacques again... interesting. Very, very interesting.

Listen to the full episode here.