Paige Thorne and Adam Collard were quite the controversial couple during their time on 'Love Island' over the summer; some fans loved them and others were sceptical over Collard's history as a player on an earlier season of the hit reality TV show.

The couple appears to be on potentially shaky ground after a video of Adam holding another girl on a night out went viral. Since then, The Sun has reported that Collard denies any allegations of cheating on Thorne but fans have noticed something about Paige's social media accounts that suggest the pair are more than just on a break. Plus, she's been seen out with fellow islander, Billy Brown.

The death knell of a relationship.

Fans are supportive.

Tisk, tisk Adam.

The pair had been spotted together since.

But fans are pretty sure it's all off now.

Some people saw it a mile away.

What do you make of the alleged cheating scandal?