The life and works of Oscar Wilde are set to be told in a new BBC documentary based on the Irish playwright.

'The Importance of Being Oscar' will air on BBC Two in the future. The documentary is expected to re-enact moments from Oscar Wilde's life, while also interviewing experts, enthusiasts, and biographers on his works.

Freddie Fox ('Black '47') has been cast in the doc, while Claire Skinner ('Outnumbered'), Anna Chancellor ('Nativity Rocks') and James Fleet ('Four Weddings and a Funeral') will also feature. It's believed that the cast will re-create excerpts from Wilde's works, including 'The Importance of Being Earnest' and 'The Picture of Dorian Gray.'

Stephen Fry is also on board to delve into the Irish poet's works, as well as Wilde’s grandson Merlin Holland. They'll be evaluating his scandalous career, and his place in the high society of the late 1800's.

Speaking on the Oscar Wilde documentary, executive producer Franny Moyle said "The time is really ripe for a re-evaluation of Oscar Wilde’s life and work on television. We felt that the story of Oscar’s trial, imprisonment and the final years have been well-covered.

"But the story of his fuller life, and the importance and brilliance of the work he created before his fall, deserved fuller attention alongside an account of his tragic demise."

Commissioner for BBC Arts, Mark Bell, added that the Oscar Wilde documentary will be "Following Wilde’s brilliant rise and using the work itself, the film gives viewers a new perspective and shines a light on both the man and his inspiration."

Via Variety.