Stephen Fry has announced that he's recently undergone surgery to tackle prostate cancer in a video message.

Explaining that he had a medical check-up before Christmas and said that his PSA levels were elevated, which has to do with the male prostate, Fry was then sent for an MRI and was found to have cancer in his prostate. The video, which goes on for twelve minutes, explains the procedure and surgery which took place, as well as Fry's recovery.

"I'm fit and well and happy and I just wanted to let you know because rumours had started to swirl," said Fry, before thanking his husband Elliot Spencer and acknowledging the work of the medical staff who'd worked on him. "Here's hoping I've got another few years left on this planet because I enjoy life at the moment and that's a marvellous thing to be able to say, and I'd rather it didn't go away," he added.

You can watch the video in full here.