'Operation Transformation' can often having you reaching for the tissues but it was a particularly emotional episode last night.

Leader Paul opened up about his struggles with stress in a very honest conversation where he admitted how tough he found things at times.

The Sligo businessman said he didn't think the show was helping his stress levels adding, "but there's a lot of stress in my life".

"Where do you turn? I've no-one to turn to. I'm supposed to be the strong one but sometimes you can be screaming inside."

Paul managed to reach his target last night but the 'Operation Transformation' experts expressed concern over what he said: "Your interview was compelling, frightening and worrying, I think... incredible the amount of stress you talked about," Dr Eddie said.

He went out to say that he thought Paul might be burned out and Dr Sumi Dunne agreed saying, "People are stressed running small businesses, the impact of burnout is being felt."

Viewers were very impressed with how Paul opened up about what he was going through:

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