RTÉ's annual gerrup-off-that-couch show is back as 'Operation Transformation' kicked off its 2019 series last night. The opening episode is usually an emotional affair as participants share their reasons for wanting to sign up, but last night's one was particularly moving.

There were tears from pretty much everyone, and a very powerful conversation between leader Jean and host Kathryn Thomas that left everyone reaching for the tissues, them included.


It was also a very empowering episode though and clearly motivated a lot of people as the 'Operation Transformation' app crashed during the show.


In the midst of all that though, we had Karl Henry's very made up looking face during the ad break challenge, which viewers couldn't help remark on.


Karl saw the joke of it all though and tweeted:

Here's hoping he filmed a bunch of them together and we get more of Henry's glowing face in next week's challenges.

'Operation Transformation' returns next Wednesday to RTÉ One at 9.35pm.