Elaine Crowley has opened up about her regrets doing the weight loss show ‘Celebrity Operation Transformation’ back in 2016.

The TV3 presenter talked about wishing she hadn’t appeared on the show and how she gained several pounds once the show had wrapped.

She admitted that before she went on the show, she had gained 2 stone, lost it and then gained it again after.

Crowley told the RTE Guide: “In hindsight would I do it again? No. The crew were great but for me it wasn’t a good idea.

“Psychologically, it can be quite damaging to be weighed in such a manner.

“While I was in a good place mentally and physically when I was asked to be on the show, when I agreed I began to panic.”

She also talked about the pressure that came with losing weight on live TV and how this had led to her developing an unhealthy relationship with food.

She explains: “Mentally it knocked me back into binge eating. I thought ‘Well I’m a fatty anyway, so I might as well binge.’

“So I put on weight, lost it and put it all back on again. I wouldn’t put myself under that pressure or scrutiny ever again.”

The broadcaster also spoke about turning 40, her struggle with depression, and about ‘Train with Elaine’, the new fitness segment on her TV3 talk show.

She talked about how we have a “totally f***ed up our relationship with our bodies and health in recent years”, adding “I'm a living, breaking example of that.

“I had been so messed up about what is good for you and what is not good for that I didn't know the wood from the trees. Now my focus is on health, muscle, strength, and fitness.

“It's not about weight. I've been way skinnier than I am now and I have been miserable. I hope the message with 'Train With Elaine' is that if you have a strong healthy body, your mind will follow.”