As of this week, the Arya Stark challenge is now a thing.

To give you a reminder of the events of Game of Thrones' latest episode - not that you need it because it was SO EPIC - it involved quite a twist. It was Arya Stark, rather than Jon Snow, who killed the Night King.

The undead antagonist had Arya by the throat but her years of training for battle paid off. She cleverly dropped the Valerian steel dagger she was carrying so she could catch it in her other hand and stab the Night King.

You can rewatch the scene here.

Now others have been practicing the move of dropping various household items (or merely miming the gesture), catching them in the other hand and stabbing them forwards.

The move is called #TheArya and 'Game of Thrones' fans all over Twitter are joining in.


The move is even popping up in sports...


... while others have pointed out films where they've seen the move before.