The full series of 'Normal People'  launched as a box set on BBC’s iPlayer channel, BBC Three, yesterday (Sunday April 26). Thus many in the UK have already had a chance to check it out.

Not to worry if you don't have access to the player though as BBC One airs the first two episodes tonight at 9pm. After that RTÉ One airs a double-bill of 'Normal People' on Tuesday 28th April at 10.15pm.

The TV series is based on Sally Rooney's bestseller and revolves around Marianne and Connell. They form a relationship that is unbeknownst to their classmates while in school together in Sligo. Sparks reignite when the two reconnect at Trinity College Dublin.

Kildare newcomer 24-year-old Paul Mescal stars in his first television role as Connell; British actress Daisy Edgar Jones ('War of the Worlds', 'Cold Feet') plays Marianne.

Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson and English director Hettie Macdonald helm the 12-part series.

The early reviews were out last week and if these responses are anything to go by, audiences at home are loving it as much as the critics are.


Mind you, there were a few complaints about the UK getting it before us in Ireland - given the largely Irish cast and crew involved, and it being set in Ireland, written by an Irish author.


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