Props and accessories can make major contributions on a film or TV production. They may be imbued with huge symbolic value; or just look suave, inspiring imitation. There's something about them that occasionally taps into the zeitgeist. Such is the case for the chain Connell (played by Paul Mescal) wears in 'Normal People'.

'Normal People' has earned major praise from critics and fans for its emotional depth, enrapturing love story and impressive performances. It follows Connell and Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) as they commence a sexual relationship in school only for flames to reunite after they graduate.

Both Mescal and Edgar-Jones have been the subject of critical acclaim.

But apparently it's all really about that chain the character Connell wears in the show.

The Instagram account @connellschain has 27.7k followers at the time of writing, in spite of only about a dozen posts. The account was created by Billie Bhatia, who explained in an article for Stylist that her motivation for making it was she "couldn't stop thinking about Connell and his chain".

The posts so far range from sweet...


... to contemplative....


... to just plain raunchy.


In that way then, perhaps, the Connell's chain account is a very reflection of the series itself.

'Normal People' continues tonight on RTÉ One at 10.15pm.