Fun tidbit, Nick Nolte was actually in the running to play Han Solo back in '77 with 'A New Hope' - but, as we know, lost out to Harrison Ford.

THR is reporting that the screen icon is set to join 'Narcos' alum Pedro Pascal and former MMA fighter-turned-actor Gina Carano for 'The Mandalorian', Lucasfilm's ambitious live-action series set in the Star Wars universe.

Details are understandably light on Nolte's character, but already speculation is rife that he'll be playing some kind of angry, gravelly bounty hunter that's connected to Boba Fett. As we know so far, 'The Mandalorian' is set after the events of 'Return of the Jedi' and before 'The Force Awakens', meaning there's a 30-year gap of stories to tell.

No air date has been given for 'The Mandalorian' as of yet, but it is known that the series will be exclusively available on Disney+, the House of Mouse's rival streaming service which has been set for a 2019 start.

For now, here's Patton Oswalt's famous bit about Nick Nolte in 'A New Hope'.