It looks like we haven't seen the end of True Detective just yet. 

After a second season that failed to meet the high standards set by its Matthew McConnaughey and Woody Harrelson starring debut, it was announced that there were no immediate plans to make a third. And with creator, Nic Pizzolatto appearing to have moved onto other projects it looked like it was dead in the water. 

However Entertainment Weekly are now reporting that Pizzolatto is currently writing a new run of episodes and Deadwood creator David Milch is also involved. According to the report, Pizzolatto has already written at least two episodes of the potential new season. 

Milch has extensive experience in television. As well as creating Deadwood, he's also been involved with the likes of Hill Street Blues and NYPD Blue over the years. There's no specific details on what the extent of his involvement with the series may be but the report says he isn't expected to be the showrunner for the third season. 

EW are also keen to emphasise that although writing has begun, nothing has been greenlit by HBO as of yet. 

There are also no details as to what the setting for a third season might be. It will be interesting to see if Pizzollato might be tempted to revisit the characters from season one. Matthew McConnaughey has gone on the record as being interested in returning to the character of Rust Cohle and would read anything Pizzollato sent to him.