The man has spoken, so pipe down stans.

The Niall Horan with Dustin the Turkey beef all started when the singer appeared on 'The Den' revival last weekend. All in the name of charity for RTE's Comic Relief, the singer was on the receiving end of Dustin's remarks calling him "Niall from One Direction" and saying he "didn't realise people from Mullingar had teeth". Funny for us Irish, but not across the water apparently.

Niall Horan's superfans took to the internet to voice their dismay over the turkey's slagging, calling the puppet "disrespectful" and "rude".

Anyway, Niall Horan addressed the force of his fans in his latest interview with SXM, where he was asked out his "fight with a turkey". Doing his best at explaining the very Irish concept of a talking turkey puppet to the American audience, Niall says: "Oh yeah this has kicked off big time. There’s a few characters that did an afternoon TV show in Ireland for years, like puppets, and one of them is known to be quite brash but in the most Irish way possible... It won't go down well anywhere else on the planet.

"So my fans have completely retaliated against the turkey and it's kicked off. And he’s like our national mascot so I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place where I don’t know whether to tell the fans that like it’s a puppet, and to also realise that our national treasure is Dustin the turkey. That's just the way it is.

Yeah, I'm in on the joke."

Here's the clip of Niall Horan with Dustin the turkey explanation.

Now maybe fans can leave poor aul' Dustin and Ray D'Arcy alone.

Here's the moment in question which started the whole Niall Horan fans vs. Dustin the Turkey debacle.