It may seem like a distant memory, but once upon a time, RTÉ had a perfectly hilarious TV show on during the day called 'The Den' that featured a talking turkey who made fun of everything and everyone, with no exceptions.

It didn't matter if you were a Taoiseach, the President, the host of 'Live At Three' or 'Where In The World', line-dancing, whatever - Dustin was more than capable of ripping the utter bejaysus out of it and it was a true joy and inspiration to watch.

Seeing the cast of The Den reunited, with Zig, Zag, Dustin and even Ted, was easily the best part of last night's 'Comic Relief', and all the more reason for RTÉ to consider bringing it back.

Out of this, however, was Dustin spending the entire segment just utterly savaging RTÉ, Ray D'Arcy, calling Zig and Zag 'Brits', not to mention Dermot Bannon, the entire county of Donegal, and even giving Niall Horan a dig as well.

All the chaotic, barely rehearsed energy was there, whether it was Dustin trying to sell tacky crap, Zig and Zag being way too earnest, or Ray D'Arcy desperately trying to keep the thing on rails and barely succeeding. All of it there, all of it a reminder of how sorely it's missed.

Take a look.