A brand new series of 'Love Island' will be filmed later this year - and that's all the details we have right now.

ITV this morning confirmed that their ever-so-cheesy, yet we can't take our eyes off it series 'Love Island' will be heading back to our screens at some point this year.

The news comes as a surprise, as the broadcaster previously said that the earliest we'll be getting a new season would be 2022.

However, with the UK ramping up their vaccine outage, and with many events (such as various Pride events) now gearing up for a late summer kick-off, it seems like TV bosses ae sure that they will be able to bring us a new edition of the competition.

No information of when the series will arrive, or where it will be filmed, have been released.

According to the press release, 'Love Island' won't be the only series returning to our screens later this year. there will also be a number of brand new TV shows airing, including Vernon Kay hosting a game show called 'Game of Talents' and a spin-off series from 'The Masked Singer' called 'The Masked Dancer'. How celebrities will be able to dance in a heavy costume is beyond us. Yet, we're desperate to see it.

Expect more 'Love Island' news in the coming months as production gets underway. Given how different the world has become within the last year, here's hoping that there are more people featured in the series who we can relate to more. 'The Cabins' earlier this year did very well in that aspect. Watch this space.