It looks like new 'Love Island' contestant Molly-Mae is about to take Lucie's place as most sought for girl.

Last night's 'Love Island' episode was left on a cliffhanger as Tommy left for a date with Molly-Mae. Thing is, none of the other 'Love Islanders' have met her yet.

Tommy has been going for Lucie of late, much to the annoyance and jealousy of Joe. However, hearing of Tommy heading on a date with another girl, clearly saw the green-eyed monster visit Lucie too.

We now have our first look at tonight's episode. It sees Molly-Mae playfully practise boxing with Tommy the day after their date.

She's also talking to Callum, who tells her he ticks all her boxes of "tall, teeth and a tan". Last but not least, Molly-Mae can also be spotted grafting for Anton (who has gone after EVERYONE at this stage). She tells him "You're my type."

Between the trouble Molly-Mae is stirring and the recoupling at the end of the night, leading to one of the boys leaving the villa (you can vote for who you think is leaving the 'Love Island' villa tonight here), tonight is going to be dramatic AF.

Check out the 30 second preview below.