Upcoming BBC documentary 'A Perfect Planet' is still set to release later this year.

With the whole world turned upside down recently, and many businesses forced to shut their doors, many have had to adapt to the current times. One industry which felt the seismic shift in particular was the TV and film industry - but luckily, it hasn't all been bad news. Thankfully, the new David Attenborough documentary has been able to be worked on remotely.

'A Perfect Planet' is still on course to premiere on BBC One later this Autumn, with the man himself working from home. And thank goodness for that, because at 94 years of age, the historian is one of the most important influencers of our generation.

According to BBC’s natural history commissioning editor Jack Bootle, there are no planned delays in the project, and that Attenborough has been working away on his voiceover from his home in London.

He told The Mirror: "I am confident that it will hit the screens. There are small amounts of filming that remains to be done with Sir David, and of course, he also needs to record the voiceover. And there are some challenges involved with doing that during a time of lockdown."

Bootle concluded: "Assuming no disasters happen, that series will air as planned in the autumn, which we’re all very excited about."

The new David Attenborough documentary was announced in February and will follow the wonderous nature that is all around the Earth, as well as the impact humans are having on its life-force.

'A Perfect Planet' will be Attenborough's most recent nature TV series, following Netflix's 2019 release 'Our Planet'. He also has another upcoming documentary film entitled 'David Attenborough: A Life On Our Plane', which is expected to arrive on the streaming platform later this year.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming release.