Dublin City Council is attempting to remove another mural made by the Subset art collective.

The mural of David Attenborough at Longwood Avenue in Portobello, Dublin 8 has been classified by Dublin City Council as an "unauthorised development" and has ordered its removal. According to a report by The Journal, the owner of the property where the mural is located has no objections to it being there. Moreover, a petition to save a similar mural in Smithfield - known locally as Horseboy - has reached over 5,000 signatures. That mural is also subject to an enforcement order by Dublin City Council.


The David Attenborough mural was revealed on the climate activist and BBC presenter's 93rd birthday. The enforcement orders for both the Attenborough mural and the Horseboy mural are just one in a long line of battles between the Subset art collective and Dublin City Council. In 2017, the council covered over the Stormzy mural at Smithfield with grey paint, which formed the basis of Subset's Grey Area project.


As it stands, the mural is still there and it's not yet known if and when it will be painted over by Dublin City Council. According to Dublin City Council, the mural was painted without planning permission and is seeking its removal.