When it was announced that 'Neighbours' was coming to an end after over three decades last year, fans were left bereft.

The series was cancelled in early 2022 and the finale aired on Irish TV screens in August, with the curtain falling on the fictional Melbourne suburb of Erinsborough for what people assumed was forever.

However, last November a deal was struck with Amazon to revive the series, with production resuming earlier this year - and now, fans have their first glimpse of Ramsay Street and its residents in a new trailer for 'Neighbours: A New Chapter'.

The new series will air on Amazon's Freevee in the US, while Irish fans can watch it on Prime Video. The first episode will air on September 18th.

The trailer features several familiar characters - including Susan, Karl, Harold and Toady - while the series is set to host guest stars including Guy Pearce and Mischa Barton.

Watch it below: