Not even four months after being taken off the air, the Aussie soap is set to make a comeback in the new year.

'Neighbours' is back, and it's headed to Amazon. Well, either a free version of Amazon or on Prime Video depentding where you are in the world - let's explain.

The touching final episode of the Australian soap, which ran for 37 years, aired back in July and featured a long list of returning cast members such as Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Jason Donovan all heading back to Erinsborough for Toadie's wedding to Melanie. Believed to be the end of the series after nearly 9,000 episodes on Channel 5, the cast bid farewell to the popular soap which launched a whole army of now-famous Australian stars.

'Neighbours' is now set to make a comeback under new ownership from Amazon. Original producer Freemantle is still on board, but the soap will now air on Amazon's free-to-use Amazon Freevee. The premium service is the same as other streaming services like Netflix and Prime Video, but it uses adverts to keep it free to use.

However, it's currently only available in the US and UK. Prime Video will also air the new season in some territories, so this could be how we in Ireland get our 'Neighbours' fix from now on. Australia’s Network 10 will still retain first-run rights for the new season.

And yes, in case you were worried, Karl and Susan, the very foundation of the soap, will be back. The Ramsay Street residents played by Alan Fletcher, Jackie Woodburne, Ryan Moloney (Toadie) and Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) are all expected to reprise their roles once again, and filming of the next season will begin in the new year.