It's been barely a month since Roseanne Barr's racist tweet caused the cancellation of her revived show on ABC, but the network haven't been wasting any time in picking up the pieces. While there were rumours of a spin-off in the works, word has it that ABC are in full negotiation mode for its development.

A source told PEOPLE that a great deal of progress has been made and that ABC are looking at "a reboot revolving more around Darlene’s character", played by Sara Gilbert. Although apparently "there are still issues to hash out".

"The key has been how a show can be done where Roseanne neither participates nor profits," says the source. "As of now, she has agreed, at least in theory, to forego any creative or financial involvement in the spin-off to help save the cast and crew jobs."

The Hollywood Reporter said over the weekend that cast members John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are tentatively on board with a potential spin-off.

We're still finding it hard to imagine all those Roseanne characters together without Roseanne being there, but given the viewership on the show this year, ABC will no doubt put a great deal into making it work.