Staying in this weekend instead of going to Electric Picnic? We've got three movies you should definitely check out.


Friday - 10PM

TV3 - Shaft

A sequel of sorts to the 1971 film, Samuel L. Jackson stars as the NYPD detective John Shaft (a nephew to the original 70s character). Shaft is on a personal mission to see the son of a real estate tycoon brought to justice after a racially motivated murder. Christian Bale plays the real estate heir, while Toni Collette, Vanessa Williams and Busta Rhymes all appear in supporting roles. Not the greatest film ever made, but a lot of fun for a Saturday night watch.


Saturday - 9.30PM

TV3 - Ghost

The OTHER Patrick Swayze film, Ghost was - if you can believe it - nominated for five Oscars and won three, with Whoopi Goldberg picking up a Best Supporting Actress gong and Best Original Screenplay for Bruce Joel Rubin. A banker (Swayze) is murdered by his best friend and his lover, Demi Moore, is left heartbroken and depressed in his absence. Yet, somehow, his spirit begins to wander the city and pretty soon, he meets Whoopi Goldberg's reluctant psychic who helps him reconnect with his love and, hopefully, gain closure over the whole thing. Yeah, it basically boils down to the pottery scene. That's what you're here for. Stop lying to yourself.


Sunday - 9.30PM

RTE One - About A Boy

Hugh Grant being a little less Hugh Grant than usual, in that he's not the posh bumbling egit and more of a posh dick really. He lives by the philosophy that a man can in fact live as an island but that all goes awry when a lonely youngster with a depressed mum becomes attached to him. There's throwing loaves of bread at ducks, singing with your eyes closed and loads of craic like that. As romantic comedies go though, this one is well worth a watch.