There's always been hints and allusions to the fact that Dennis Reynolds from 'It's Always Sunny...' is a serial killer.

In fact, we did an investigation into the references that link Dennis Reynolds to Ted Bundy, but this mash-up from Funny or Die pits him against the cast of 'Mindhunter'. Specifically, it's Special Agents Bill Tench, Holden Ford, and Dr. Wendy Carr investigating the Golden God himself.

After all, he likes to be bound, he's got a collection of human skin lamps, and he hates women. That's basically a straight, clear-cut case of being a serial killer. The only way this can resolve itself is if Holt McCallany or Jonathan Groff have a cameo in the new season as FBI agents who finally arrest Dennis for being a serial killer.

In the meantime, there's this. Take a look.