Audiences watching drama series 'Quiz' last night were blown away by Michael Sheen. The 'Frost/Nixon' star plays Chris Tarrant on the three-part show and people couldn't believe how accurately he recreated the iconic TV host.

In fact, on 'Good Morning Britain', Chris Tarrant himself noted how good Sheen captures his likeness.

"Michael Sheen is an actor, he's not an impressionist," Tarrant said. "He's a superb actor.

"I know exactly what my voice is like and I'm thinking, that is pretty close actually. Also, he does weird things with his body and I'm watching him going, 'God, I do do that.'

"There's a way that he stands, he's sort of flapping one leg like a duck and I'm thinking, 'I actually do do that as well.' He's very good."


Sheen plays Tarrant on 'Quiz', which dramatises the 2001 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' scandal involving Major Charles Ingram.

Ingram allegedly cheated his way to a million pounds alongside his wife Diana and accomplice Tecwen Whittock.

Even when the first image and trailer for 'Quiz' came out people were noting the physical likeness between Sheen and Tarrant thanks to the wonders of makeup.


But his actual performance, seen in the first episode of the show last night, is even better.

Chris Tarrant's son Toby noted how remarkable it is.


Plenty of fans took to Twitter to express how impressed they were.


'Quiz' continues tonight on ITV/UTV at 9pm. The final part airs on Wednesday night at the same time.