Michael Sheen is no stranger to transformations when it comes to certain roles.

For example, he practically became Tony Blair in 'The Queen', Brian Clough in 'The Damned United' and that's not even going into 'Frost/Nixon' either. Whether it's the makeup, the hair, whatever it is, he's able to transform himself entirely.

So it goes with his latest role, this time as Chris Tarrant - yes, the host of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'. Sheen is set to play Tarrant in an upcoming ITV miniseries called 'Quiz', which will follow the infamous trial that followed the botched attempt by Charles and Diana Ingram  to swindle the prize money from the show by coughing during the answers.

That's not a joke, either. That really happened.

Here's a side-by-side of the actual Chris Tarrant and Michael Sheen as Chris Tarrant, just to give you an idea of how good it is.

As well as Michael Sheen, 'Succession' alum Matthew MacFadyen is set to play Charles Ingram while Sian Clifford, better known as Claire from 'Fleabag', will play Diana Ingram. The three-part miniseries is to be directed by Stephen Frears, who's best known for the likes of 'Philomena', 'High Fidelity' and - not surprisingly - 'The Queen', with Michael Sheen.

No air date has been confirmed as of yet for 'Quiz', but expect there to be a lot of anticipation around it with a cast like this and a story as fascinating and bizarre as this one.