Last night finally saw poetic justice being delivered to the 'Love Island' villa after Michael was dumped with just a week left on the show.

The Liverpudlian firefighter exited the show with Francesca after their fellow islanders chose to save other couples Anna and Jordan and Chris and Harley over them.

If you stay tuned after the credits rolled, however, the episode of 'Aftersun' that followed was priceless.

Why? Because Michael came face to face with Joanna.

If you'll recall recent events, Michael unceremoniously dumped Amber after Casa Amor, subsequently gave her hell for being 'chaaaaldish' for how she reacted, told the villa he'd 'found everything he was looking for' in Joanna but failed to follow her out the door, then decided he wanted Amber back (but not before rudely telling her that he definitely, definitely didn't.)

It meant that most people were delighted at how awkward the reunion between he and Joanna was - especially since footage of what he actually said when Joanna was leaving was replayed...

However, other people thought the audience booing and reaction was a little OTT:

But pretty much everyone agreed (especially Anton's mum, who was shouting from the audience) that Joanna would be a fool to take him back...