One of the more controversial moments in this year's 'Love Island' was when Maura Higgins and Tommy Fury shared a brief, slightly uncomfortable moment when she tried to kiss him.

The incident sparked over 700 complaints to Ofcom over questions of predatory behaviour on Maura's behalf. While the complaints appear to have been ultimately rejected, the incident came up in a recent interview.

"I’m a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it," Maura told The Sun. “Tommy and I had chemistry on our date but a lot of what I said was banter and I think Tommy would agree."

However, while all that may be true, Maura admitted that the incident could have been handled better. "Watching it back I could have approached it differently, but I just went for it," Maura explained.

In the same interview, Maura also discussed her relationship with Curtis, saying that she plans to make it last - and revealed that they finally did the no-pants dance. "We’ve had a good time. Was he worth the wait? Definitely, 100 per cent. I did try a few times in the villa, in the bedroom and on the outside bed."

As Maura tells it, "Curtis said that it was for me and him alone, and he didn’t want to do anything in there. And that’s absolutely fine. Actually I’m glad now that we waited, because it made it even more special.”

'Love Island' has strict rules about sex in the villa, and specifically forbids Islanders from taking things too far. This season, in particular, saw many of the contestants swearing off sex for the duration of their time, and according to Anna Vakili, were specifically chosen with this in mind.

Previously, Anna Vakili had said that the contestants on this year's show were "very PG" and that she had been specifically asked by the producers if she would have sex while on the show.