Not sure what Chris Evans did in previous lives, but it's beginning to look like someone or something is out to get him... Since he landed the spot as host of the Beeb's new incarnation of Top Gear, the news cycle has been rife with various negative claims - including the executive producer walking out, Bob Mortimer's clanger, that ill-received 'stunt' in front of the Cenotaph, and more.

Now, with the show (finally) set to relaunch (after a few false starts) on May 29th,  there's been reports that Evans is not getting along with his famous co-host Matt LeBlanc - a rumour which Matt's having none of.

In an interview with the Radio Times, the former Friends star said: "All this stuff that Chris and I are at war with each other is a big load of bullshit. We’ve never had a rift! I’m a true car fan, Chris is a true car fan. We’re hanging out, having a laugh, doing our best. He is an extremely smart guy. I’d beat him in a race, though - and you can tell him I said that."

To be fair, the kind folk on twitter had tried to warned him what the press in the UK were like, but he had to experience it for himself: "I didn’t anticipate the ruthlessness of the British press. I know it’s a big show but hey, we're not cowboys, it’s all meticulously planned, permission granted, in writing (presumably in reference to the Cenotaph backlash)... I didn’t fire those guys [previous hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May]. I’ve met them. They’re nice guys. I’ll watch their new show. I wasn’t there when any of it went down. It’s not my fault they’re gone. I didn’t put a gun in anyone’s mouth."